How Instagram Is Using the React Native Framework

From emerging new startups to multiple Fortune 500 companies, React Native framework is used by numerous tech giants now. Facebook is not the only one using React Native framework and app creators are using it to build hybrid apps. When it comes to mobile engineering, developer velocity is the defining factor in Instagram. The product teams begin discovering React Native for faster code sharing and iteration speeds.

Tackling Challenges

Creating an app from the beginning may not cause many problems compared to merging React Native into native apps that require extra work. The Instagram team combats this type of issue by working on an easier view, Push Notifications. This was implemented as a WebView, so the team thought it was not difficult to counter its startup times. The user interface was relatively simple and the translations were quickly determined by the server.

Android Methods

The initial problems that arise were executing React Native as a dependency without crashing the entire library. In this way, the binary size will enhance and have a bigger impact on the method count. The Instagram development team carefully chooses the view managers and creates their personal implementations for those dependent on libraries. By using React Native, the team added over three-thousand methods. The investment in React Native can be worth it because it doesn’t require defining Java methods.


The team checked the overall impact of React Native by using many metrics as a major part of their Push Notification setting. These kinds of metrics were exceedingly neutral when experimenting initially. The development team looked into sustaining the bridge whenever the user was left with a React Native feature.

Startup Performances

When it comes to the React Native framework, it possesses a startup overhead which is triggered by introducing the JavaScript bundle into JavaScript Core. Besides the assistance of React Native team in boosting the overall performance, the Instagram team wanted to calculate the gaps to determine if the tradeoffs make sense or not. To perform it successfully, the team executed the native Edit Profile view into React Native. By creating reliable infrastructure for the products, the team used it consistently for better navigation and other core components.

Post Promotion Features

Post promotion is a way to publish promotional posts which is a nice interface for marketers and influencers. The product was initially executed as a WebView after using the latest technology to perform faster with native code. Regardless of being a complex process for creation flow, it added over six methods to the Android DEX.

Save Millions of people use Instagram every day to explore a plethora of new interest while connecting consistently with their respective communities. But, many users don’t want to check the inspirational posts and sometimes wish to view it later. The reason the team created an amazing feature allowing Instagram users to save their posts which is only visible to them. The team executed the IOS version of the posts in React Native.

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